52 Ancestors

Here is a list of my posts in response to the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge at No Story too Small 


  1. Esther Chancellor: my great-great-great-grandmother was the first of my direct ancestors to migrate to Australia – at the tender age of 64. This makes her both the first of my ‘boat people’ and the oldest!
  2. John Ferres: my great great grandfather, born Bath, Somerset 1818, arrived on the barque “Aurora” on the 7th December 1848.
  3. Mary Davey: my great great grandmother was born in Truro, Cornwall c1825 and arrived in Melbourne on the 23rd July 1849.
  4. Ebenezer Davey: watchmaker and jeweller, born in Truro, Cornwall c1792, lived mainly in Falmouth, came to Melbourne in 1853.
  5. Elizabeth Tremellan Trewheeler: born c1802, mother Catherine; married Ebenezer Davey in Truro, Cornwall (1822); lived Truro and Falmouth; emigrated to Melbourne in 1852-3.
  6. Moss Simmons
  7. John Dunstan Tonkin
  8. Jane Forrest Gibson
  9. Caroline Elizabeth Tonkin
  10. Benjamin Alfred Smart Latter
  11. Elizabeth Smith
  12. William Leach
  13. Susan Fryett
  14. Henry Leach
  15. Esther Simmons
  16. Rachel Simmons
  17. Arthur William Roberts
  18. Ellen Louisa Bennett



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