Memories of a rural childhood – N is for number puzzles and nests


Number Puzzles

Solving number puzzles has been an interest of mine for many years. It all started with a flat square plastic toy with 15 numbered inserts which had to be rearranged till the numbers were in order. I spent many happy hours as a young child sliding the pieces and gradually working out more and more efficient ways to get them in order. These days I get my puzzle “fix’ from books of Suguro, Kakuro, and Killer Sudoku puzzles.


Finding bird nests in the more accessible branches of trees during Spring and sneaking a look at the eggs or chicks when the mother bird had flown off was always a thrill. We were careful not to touch them for fear that the mother would not return. Once the nests were abandoned, they were often collected and examined to see how they were made and all the bits and pieces the birds had recycled in making them.

6 thoughts on “Memories of a rural childhood – N is for number puzzles and nests”

    1. They are sometimes hard to find, Sharon, as shops only seem to get a few in – usually towards the end of each month!

  1. Yes I remember those little red plastic trays with the numbers to rearrange – I have no idea what we called that game. I suppose it was a forerunner of the Rubrik Cube. I too like doing Sudoku.

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