Memories of a rural childhood – Y is for yo-yos and the yard



Schoolyard games seemed to have irregular cycles. Yo-yos, jacks, marbles, swap cards, skipping, hula hoops were all popular at various times of the year. Not every family could afford them all of course, so there were always some performing and others watching. Those who had the fancier yo-yos could make them do impressive tricks whilst the rest of us had to be content with more basic movements.

The Yard

The “yard” was a fenced area beside the house in which the younger children in the family could play. There was a plum tree and a swing and room to run around.

2 thoughts on “Memories of a rural childhood – Y is for yo-yos and the yard”

  1. I remember all those games which came in waves and then disappeared until the next fad. Skipping seemed to have the staying power, though. with crossovers, bumps and skipping rhymes.

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