Thankful Thursday – some new records

It is not often that I am pleased (thankful is probably a bit too strong a word!) to have a cold. But, because I stayed home from my usual session at the gym and watched Jill Ball’s Online Resources for Australian Research Hangout on Air, today has turned out to be one of those days.  Thanks to Jill and her guests, I have an extra record and a new lead!

I now have a copy of the Roll of Honour circular for my great uncle Sydney Eversley FERRES who was killed in action on 08 May 1915 at Gallipoli. The form, completed by his father Robert FERRES, provided one extra snippet of information, listing Syd as a Butter and Cheese maker rather than just a Butter maker as was on his record when he joined the AIF on 22 August 1914.

I also found this tantalising lead on Helen Doxford Harris‘ Index to Criminal & Other Case Files:Mary Ann Silk - due for release

My great great grandfather Benjamin Alfred Smart LATTER was friends with the murdered man James SILK. As the first on the scene, Benjamin reported the crime to the police and was involved in the court proceedings. Newspapers of the time published the gruesome details at great length and finally reported that Mary Ann SILK’s death sentence had been commuted to 20 years. I wonder if she was ever reunited with her daughter.

8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – some new records”

    1. So pleased that you found the link useful 🙂 Sorry I was so inept to not show a sample circular on line – I still have a lot to master in the Hangouts.

      1. Samples are interesting but the links to where we can find our own information are far more important in the long run. Thanks very much Anne for sharing with us all.

    2. Thanks Jill. I am particularly happy with the second find and, hopefully, will have enough information for a future post or two about the Silk family.

    1. I am very much in your debt, Brenda, as you told us about a link that I was most unlikely to find. Looking forward to tracking down more information as a result!

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