Trove Tuesday: Who was the Mrs. Ferris who lost £300?

Most searches for family information on Trove have at least one unexpected and intriguing result. Sometimes it brings up previously unknown (to this generation, at least!) information about a family member. Other interesting side-paths result from the combination of our search parameters and the limitations of the OCR software in dealing with unclear images of old newspapers.

A recent search for ‘Ferres 1898’ looking for responses to the death of John Ferres brought up this unexpected article from the Bendigo Advertiser quoting the Argus as its source. It caught my eye due to the mention of two surnames of interest (Ferris and Ferres) in connection with losses due to the massive bush fires in Gippsland during the early part of 1898. Continue reading “Trove Tuesday: Who was the Mrs. Ferris who lost £300?”