Trove Tuesday: Who was the Mrs. Ferris who lost £300?

Most searches for family information on Trove have at least one unexpected and intriguing result. Sometimes it brings up previously unknown (to this generation, at least!) information about a family member. Other interesting side-paths result from the combination of our search parameters and the limitations of the OCR software in dealing with unclear images of old newspapers.

A recent search for ‘Ferres 1898’ looking for responses to the death of John Ferres brought up this unexpected article from the Bendigo Advertiser quoting the Argus as its source. It caught my eye due to the mention of two surnames of interest (Ferris and Ferres) in connection with losses due to the massive bush fires in Gippsland during the early part of 1898. Continue reading “Trove Tuesday: Who was the Mrs. Ferris who lost £300?”

Trove Tuesday: Solving the Mystery of That Photo – almost!

I always enjoy reading other bloggers Trove Tuesday posts so it is probably fitting that my first family history post relates to the fabulous resources on that site.

This photo has puzzled me for some time. It was obviously an important occasion as most of the people depicted are quite formally dressed. Many of the individuals are difficult to distinguish, unfortunately.

Picknickers at Clontarf, Middle Harbour, Sydney 2nd June 1870
Picnickers at Clontarf, Middle Harbour, Sydney, 2nd June 1870

The letter on the back provided some clues, the most important of which was the date of the picnic: 2nd June 1870

The very formal style of the letter seems to indicate that the writer and the recipient were acquaintances rather than family or friends.

My dear Sir
I send you a photo, not certainly a very perfect one, of our picnic held at Clo?lar? Middle Harbour on the 2nd inst.

Thos Ri?h?? Continue reading “Trove Tuesday: Solving the Mystery of That Photo – almost!”